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Library V1.24 to manage incremental encoder in your projects. This library as been build to simplify at the maximum  the user's work. It integrates the management of the interruptions functions that are compulsory to use with such objeccts. 
The combined use of this library and the library autom, enables you to "build" a very complete PLC,  able to manage a complex machine with digitized axes.

You will find the library and the documentation in the downloaded file


Library to transform your Arduino's module in an industrial PLC accepting Grafcet language. This library as been build to simplify at the maximum  the user's work. However it is not an automatism's course. On the other hand,  it could be an example on more C++ complex structures like pointed chains  and parameter's passages between function (procedural variables too).
You will find the library and the documentation in the downloaded file


Library V1.1 about management of the 12 key keyboard with analog output : Sparkfun Vkey Voltage Keypad

Comercial link :  in France ; in Italy


Management of a sound board (by Input/output without libarie and/or by serial beam with the library). 
Sound card with amazing possibilities. Make it easy to add auditory and musical dimension to your projects. 

Comercial link : In France, US distributor


Management of the ADKeyboard Module (SKU: DFR0075)
A very simple librairie to understand how to create abd using an object in C++

Commercial Link : The DFR0075 module ; French reseller


Management of the Serial Sparkfun LCD - 09395 k library V2.23

Commercial Link : the additional lcd module ; the lcd display

Display PicAxe AXE133Y

Library to manage the PICAXE AXE133Y display. This library was initially developed by the PICAXE's company. It has been adapted to feet all processors of the Arduino family (clock frequency and processor type). Tested on AVR and Max32 processors.
Commercial Link :


Management of the utra-sonic module. V2.0

Commercial Link : The HC-SR04 sensor


Library management of the micro - camera umicroCam uCAM-4dsystems II.

Commercial Link : The uCAM-II Camera


Librairy of useful function to manage time counter, blinking led ...


Librairie to manage numeric files on SD


Library for managing.ini files on SD. V1.01

Tired of modifying sources files for a trifle, I started (sorry for the plagiarism of windows 3.xx) to implement on external SD card the parameters of my programs as simple .ini files. The IniFile library is in charge of reading these files and storing the information (key and Item)  in a table.


Librairie to manage images (for a due module)


The SD library presented here corresponds to the official library with a very small modification to avoid warnings from the gcc compiler in its "chatty" command option.