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IDE Arduino

In useful links, the first of all without which you will not be watching this site.


For those who are interested in JAVA programming in a simple and funny way,  with the ability to generate applications for Window's  or Android's apliances .


The useful edition tool (free).


A loosener in the domain of file compacter. You will use it to explode  your libraries.


Among simulators i had tested, this one is very well-made and free (thanks to the transatlantic author). But do not forget that there is always a big step between the reality and the fiction! ( The virtual). The most sophisticated simulator cannot include easily "fiddles" with it's electronics that you put behind your beautiful arduino Uno card. Take care that this simulator is only UNO compatible (and equivalents).


The missing link of the development system on arduino. Create by dragging and connecting visual electric objects to compose your electronic board. You can simulate, and, (if you've purchased the ICEshield), virtually connect it to your arduino's module. Then you will be able to test your real application an a real Arduino connected to your virtual electronic “do-it-yourselfing”.

LARP : Logiciel d'Algorythme et de Résolution de Problèmes (Algorithmic and solving problems Software)

Currently, everyone swears by Scratch Python..., to learn the basics of algorithmic structures. Here is a little gem from Canada (sorry, Quebec) that "puts the ball back in the center". This software may seems to be old (2008) but even if only the graphic part to draw structured algorithms is used, it could be very useful for teaching.  

Technology in secondary school "College Vauban" of Briançon

For those who say that  courses of technology  in secondary school stay the same as  20 years ago, and for the others to, I advise you to have a look to this site. You will certainly find interesting things, and,  I hope that your vision of the future of education could positively evolve. Finally, I do not want to influence you and invite you to see by your own.